Thomas Carr Photography


The images in this series represent one artists’ interpretation of the struggle of the Native American peoples of the Great Plains during the 19th century.  This was a time when the United States of American actively sought to destroy the entire Plains Indian culture. The images are photographic montages that combine contemporary photographs of village/massacre sites with 19th century photographs of Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Lakota peoples. Part of the inspiration for this project came from the artist watching the healing process between Anglo Americans and Native Americans. It involves acknowledging what happened in the past, coming to grips with its consequences, and finding a way to mutually move forward. Mr. Carr states that “the sacredness and spiritual power I encountered at the sites was very tangible yet difficult to explain. I approached visiting these places with a sincere reverence for the people who lived and died there, and I hope this is conveyed in the final images.”  

Conflict on the Plains - 2007