Thomas Carr Photography


“Excavating Childhood” represents an exploration of aspects of my youth between 1975 and 1980. While walking around the backyard in 2007, I noticed a number of plastic models parts eroding out of the ground. Being an archaeologist by profession, I was intrigued. Finding these “artifacts” from my own youth prompted me to explore my own artwork from the same time period. Fortunately, I had saved many of my old negatives and drawings. I began scanning them and thinking about what I had intended for them when I first created them. I realized that when I first made the photographs and drawings, I had high ideals for what they represented, but was unable to fully realize them given the level of my skills and other technological limits. The collages from this project aren’t exact representations of what I intended them to be when I was young – rather they represent a synthesis of their original intent and my impression of what they mean now looking back as an adult. I've given talks about this project at archaeological conferences, and the topic has been well received. 

Excavating Childhood - 2007 to 2010