Thomas Carr Photography


Thomas Carr: Expeditions - 2015

From May through July of 2015, I was honored by the Denver Public Library with an exhibition of my photography in their  5th floor Western Art Gallery.  The prints in that exhibit were then accessioned into their permanent art collection.  Welcome to my exhibition of photographic work titled EXPEDITIONS.  The work I have chosen represents a continuation of my studies of historic and archaeological places since 2004.  It builds on two previous exhibitions of my work, including my 1995 exhibit title RESTLESS SPIRITS at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and my 2004 exhibit PRESENCE WITHIN ABANDONMENT at the Center of Southwest Studies in Durango.  This series concentrates on the core of my artistic and intellectual endeavors – the exploration of natural landscapes and built places that exhibit a subtle sense of past human presence.  While I have certainly explored areas other than Colorado over the last decade, this series focuses on the state I have called home for over 20 years, and its vast wealth of historic and sacred places.