Thomas Carr Photography

“Places In-between” part 1 - 2015 to present.  There are places that exist in a liminal state between the real and the imagined - where human and natural environments blend, and time ebbs and flows without order.  This work is an extension of my studies as archaeologist and photographer. Historic places hold emotions and memories, and it's been my experience that if you look and listen carefully and quietly, you can see, hear, and feel them. While in the real world, the colors, tones, contrasts, and textures appear normal to the casual viewer.  But if you look closely, you can see hidden layers of texture, color, and tone that are normally unseen. I perceive these places in-between as portals that are covered in a veil, and if peeled away, you can see what is, what was, and what might be.  Time and space are trivial and unreal in these places. Colors are both vibrant and frail, with decay and rebirth all around, and breaking through the veil, it becomes apparent that spirits inhabit these places.