Solitude, Darkness, Light 

Thomas Carr Photography


Inner peace can be found in places of solitude, where the human and natural worlds have become one, but there is often a journey of transformation that must first occur.  I created these still images for a film that I co-directed with filmmaker/musician Kayla Briet, and dancer/writer/animator Isabela Dos Santos.  We collectively conceived of this project as an exploration of how humans and nature interface in time and space, as expressed in places of solitude.  My task was to use still photography to create an imaginary world that was a blend of abstraction and realism. The narrative for this series that tells the story of a young woman who wants to express herself through dance, but is unsure of herself and hesitant. While exploring ruins that are being overtaken by nature, she finds comfort and confidence in the solitude, and is finally able to express herself. For this project I shot both film and digital photographs and created the final images using layered images, and a selective color palate that starts out warm, moves into a more neutral black and white, and finally brings in selective colors, primarily greens and yellows.