Thomas Carr Photography

Tree and Leaf (2016)

I was honored to have this portfolio on display at Denver International Airport from mid- October 2016 to mid-April 2017.  The exhibit was located in Concourse A at the entrance to the Sky Bridge. I’ve photographed aspects of nature since I first picked up a camera as a young child, and the concept of subtle strength and beauty in nature has always intrigued me.  Tree and Leaf is simple and complicated at the same time, just as the reality it attempts to portray. I explore both the magnificent and the subtle in nature and found that I connected far more intimately with the simple places in nature that might otherwise be overlooked. Trees and leaves are useful as metaphors for many aspects of life and death, and I’ve used them in this fashion for almost 40 years. 
Tree and Leaf includes a color flow that trends from cool to warm tone black and white images, as well as color images that trend from the yellow, orange, and reds of fall to the blues and greens of summer.  The intent of this exhibit was to create a body of work that is comforting, appealing, and meaningful in honor of the many natural places here in Colorado that possess this subtle beauty and strength.